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Ventilate to Remove Moisture

You can ventilate your home without making a draught.

Some Ventilation is needed to get rid of the moisture being produced at the time, this includes that from people's breathing. Keep trickle vents open at all times, alternatively open small window/top lights.

The average person breathes out 4 pints of water per day! Then there's the pets to consider.

Kitchens and Bathroorms require more ventilation due to cooking, washing, bathing and drying creating high levels of moisture which means opening windows. Close the bathroom and kitchen doors when these rooms are in use, even if the kitchen or bathroom has an extractor fan. This stops the moisture reaching other rooms especially bedrooms which are often colder and more vunerable to condensation.

Allow space for the air to ventilate and circulate around your furniture. To reduce the risk of mildew on clothes and stored items remove false backs or drill breather holes in them. Also you can place furnture on blocks allowing the air to circulate underneath them.

Open doors to ventilate cupboards and wardrobes. If possible position wardrobes against internal walls.


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