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Mould Cleaning!

Regular cleaning away of mould is vital. To remove wipe down walls and window frames with Heyen Mould Wash Concentrate, Heyen Scrub Out Mould which carries an HSE No 8627. Follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely which will provide longer term prevention. Spray bottles of Bactericidal/Fungicide can be obtained from Heyen UK Ltd. 

Dry Clean mildewed clothes and shampoo carpets. Disturbing the mould by brushing or vacuum cleaning can increase the risk of distribution of spores and respiratory problems.

After treatment, redecorate using Heyen Mould Emulsion which carries a Five Year Warranty against mould growth. Note this paint is not effective if over-coated with ordinary paints, emulsion or wallpaper. You can also use Heyen Mould Eradication Additive (HSE 7659) to mix with paint, wallpaper, paste or tile grout to prevent mould Growth.

Using a dehumidifier can control the airborne moisture and help to reduce the problem, however dehumidifiers will not solve the cause(s) of the condensation problem. The only lasting way of avoiding severe mould is to eliminate the cause of the dampness - condensation problem.

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Please dont hesitate to contact us for more specific condensation advice.

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