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Heyen Double Strength Facade Inpregnation


A colourless, double strength UV-resistant, long-lasting compound which protects the building against driving rain and moisture. This in turn prevents fungus, moss, frost damage and salt efflorescence.


A siloxane resin dissolved in a quickly-vaporising solvent.

How it works:

Heyen Double Strength Facade Impregnation penetrates into all mineral and absorbent substrates, concrete, brickwork sand lime etc and fills surface cracks up to 0.2mm width. Once applied it reacts quickly to form an invisible and water repellent impregnated layer which allows the building to breath. After full penetration Heyen Double Stength Facade Inpregnation a beading effect is noticeable on the surface.

Key Features:

  • Kills salts,moss, algae on all masonry surfaces.
  • Can be used as soon as re-pointed. Alkali Resistant
  • No sheen.
  • Micro-porous, allows the building to breath.
  • Crack bridging, stops ingress of water.
  • Double Strength
  • UV stable.


Heyen Facade Inpregnation can be used on absorbent, clean dry substrates. Remove algae, moss, efflorescence or other soiling ie paint or any product that impairs the adhesion. Repair any cracks and joints. Cover and tape up all windows and frames/doors with polythene. Brush or spray in a minumum of 2 coats starting at the bottom of the area to be treated and working up. If the area has been exposed to water eg: by cleaning or long periods of rain, allow a drying time prior to application.



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