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Heyen Anti-Mould Anti-Condensation Emulsion

Heyen Anti-Mould Anti-Condensation Emulsion


Protection against recurring unsightly and unhygienic black mould. Will even work when persistent condensation is present once paint has dried.

Recommended Use:

Walls and ceilings in private and social housing. Wide range of public and commercial buildings.

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A superior quality low emulsion combining modern paint technology with highly advanced and proven biocides. Warranty for minimum of 5 years. Fully washable.

How it works:

Anitmould biocide is combined throughout the paint film which is formulated to impart toughness, elasticity, water resistance and durability to the surface finish.

Heyen's Anti-mould Emulsion is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 for use as directed (HSE no 6308).


After using Heyen Mould Wash Concentrate, Heyen's Anti-mould Emulsion can be used as a primer. Apply two coats of Anti-mould emulsion using a brush or roller allowing sufficient drying time between coats.


10-12 sq metre per litre depending on porosity of surface.

Drying Time:

Touch dry in one hour and re-coatable after 2-4 hours.


Brilliant White and Magnolia.

Sizes: 5 Litres

Heyen Anti-Mould Emulsion TDS

Heyen Anti-Mould Emulsion SDS

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