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Heyen Concrete Repair Mortar

Heyen Concrete Repair Mortar


A shrink-free, high strength mortar with very good adhesion on mineral surfaces. Heyen Concrete Repair Mortar when modified with Heyen Bonding Agent can be applied in one working step from 4 to 100 mm thickness and due to its excellent workability, is ideal for overhead applications or when large areas need to be covered.

Recommended Use:

Concrete repair, filling of excavation, angle fillets, holes in cement finishes, concrete construction/brick work.

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Weight: 25kg

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Additional Products:

Exposed and/or corroded reinforcing needs pre-treating with with Heyen Corrosion Protection Primer


A polymer, with polypropylene fibres. Heyen Concrete Repair Mortar is a ready-mixed, low expanding mortar on a cement base.


Using a trowel mix with Heyen Bonding agent to form a high strength Concrete Repair Mortar.

Heyen Concrete Repair Mortar TDS

Heyen Concrete Repair Mortar SDS

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