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Heyen Structural Water Proofing & Damp Proofing Anti-Sulphate

Heyen Structural Water Proofing & Damp Proofing Anti-Sulphate


A barrier for treating salt-affected masonry.

Recommended Use:

Barn conversions, basement/cellar renovation, post-flooding remediation work, stops sooting on chimneys and is part of the Heyen Tanking System.

Item Number: Antisulphate5k

Weight: 5kg

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A solvent free, low-viscosity watery fluid solution for mineralization of salts that damage the building structure.

How it works:

Employs a neutralising process which prevents salts being transferred into the tanking slurry.


Brush or spray apply to a ratio of 50% Heyen Antisulphate to 50% Water as the first coat. 24 hours later re-apply using Anti-sulphate as a concentrated formulation.

Heyen Anti-Sulphate TDS

Heyen Anti-Sulphate SDS


Approximately 45 sq metres

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