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Heyen Structural Water Proofing & Damp Proofing Bonding Agent

Heyen Structural Water Proofing & Damp Proofing Bonding Agent


Raises adhesion, improves elasticity, raises oil and solvent resistance. Vapour barrier and alkali resistant. Improves durability of cement renders.

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Weight: 5kg

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Softener-free, water-resistant liquid rubber dispersion of non-ionogenic styrene-butadine styrene block co-polymer. HEYEN Bonding Agent is a concentrate, free of any fillers, solvents and polyvinyl-acetate.


  • Ideal for screeds where under floor heating has been installed
  • Can be used a a primer
  • Used as part of the Heyen Tanking System
  • Used in Concrete Repair
  • Makes renders waterproof and gives flexibility

Recommended Use:

Heyen Bonding Agent is an improver for Heyen Super Slurry and Heyen Barrier Mortar and is also an admixture for cement mortars, concrete and flooring screeds.


Brush or spray


Approximately 45 m2 from a 10kg canister

Heyen Bonding Agent TDS

Heyen Bonding Agent SDS

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