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What is Dry Rot?

What is Dry Rot? - Serpula Lacrymans - Brown Rot:

Dry Rot can effect many types of timber, old or new. Dampness with a lack of ventilation is the fundamental cause of Dry Rot and are the ideal conditions for fungal growths on Timber.

Features of Dry Rot:

  • Large Cuboidal Cracking (Brown Rot)
  • Fluffy White Cotton - like mycelium under humind conditions
  • Silvery Grey Mushroom coloured skin often tinged with yellow patches
  • Timber crumbly to the touch
  • Strands, grey in colour, brittle when dry
  • Sporophore, fleshy pancake bracket, white margin and wide pored rust
  • Spores, rust red coloured
  • Active Growth - Musty Odour
  • Dry Rot is tolerant to alkali conditions and may readily spread behind plasters, mortars etc

Dry Rot Solution:

Once the source of moisture has been located and repaired, replace defective timbers affected by dry rot and treat with Heyen Dual Purpose Fungicidal Insecticide