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Penetrating Damp in a Domestic Property

The Problem
A simple decorating project turned into a nightmare when it was found that the main back wall was wet through with damp.
The Diagnosis
After some plaster was taken off to expose the substrate, the indications showed that the damp was more extensive than had previously been envisaged. As the bottom portion of the wall was earth retaining, this resulted in lateral penetrating damp. It was found that the whole wall was affected by hygroscopic salts. The wall is 450mm wide and of random rubble construction. This negated any form of DPC injection. The area had formerly been treated by covering it with a bitumen solution.
The Remedy
On the recommendation of Heyen UK, the plaster was taken back to the bare substrate. The wall was sprayed with anti-sulphate solution which neutralises the salts by turning soluble salts into insoluble salts. It was decided to treat the whole wall by sectionally tanking using the Heyen Super Slurry System.
Heyen's Render Plaster was used as the final coat in this system.
I have been exceptionally happy with the result. This room is now more warmer than before, it was a cold damp, unusable room with a fusty odour. It is now warm and inviting. This is all down to Heyen's help and products.
Trisha Sheen, Cutthorpe Chesterfield
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