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History of Heyen

In 1962 Johannus Heyen invented the tanking slurry system called Hey'di or Hey'di K11. The name Hey'di (or Heydi) was made up by joining the first part of the family name Heyen with the first two letters of the German word for waterproofing - "Dichtung".
Johannus continued to develop the Hey'di products throughout the 1960's and 1970's before selling the business to Total - the French oil company in the 1980's. The Hey'di K11 range of products remain a part of the Total group of companies and is distributed through the Bostik Findlay subsidiary and Sovereign Chemicals.
Once Johannus' non-compete clause had expired he set up a new business together with his sons Hans-Dieter and Volkmar in his home town of Wiesmoor. The three of them used their combined years of experience, dedication to detail and the latest technology to produce the new Heyen range of products - truly waterproofing for the 21st century.
You can find out more about the Heyen business by going to their website.
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