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Anti-Mould & Anti-Condensation

An approved HSE range of products to eradicate the moulds associated with condensation in buildings.
The products are as follows:
  • Heyen Mould Wash Concentrate to clean off unsightly mould or spores.
  • Ready to use Heyen Scrub Out Mould with its own integral brush applicator for the easy cleaning of window frames, tile grout and associated surfaces.
  • Heyen Mould Eradication additive to be added to tile adhesive, paint and wallpaper paste.
  • Heyen Anti Mould Emulsion in White or Magnolia, guaranteed against the re-growth of mould spores for a period of 5 years.
  • Heyen Anti Mould Control Paint Pack containes Heyen Mould Wash Concentrate and Anti-Mould Emulsion.
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