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Structural Water Proofing & Damp Proofing

Heyen Tanking System is used to waterproof basements and cellars so that they can be turned into dry, habitable rooms. Heyen Tanking System can also be used to keep water from leaking out of structures so can be used to waterproof swimming pools and drinking water tanks.
Heyen Tanking System incorporates the following products:
  • Anti-sulphate a salt neutraliser for masonry that is contaminated with ground salts.
  • Super Tanking Slurry is mixed with Bonding Agent which enhances and gives the mix flexural strength to form a slurry that is applied to the pre prepared masonry structure. Once set, the Heyen Tanking System will resist up to 15 bar (140m head) of water pressure from the negative side.
  • Bonding Agent is a vapour barrier alkali resistant co-polymer. It improves the durability of cement renders and is part of the Heyen Tanking System. Unlike PVA it does not re-emulsify so can be used internally and externally.
  • Barrier mortar is a non shrink mortar used for filling holes and to provide a concave fillet at internal angles.
  • Heyen Renovating Plaster is cement based light weight plaster that can be applied over the top of the Heyen Tanking System to give a thermal barrier that raises the thermal quality and combats condensation.
  • Heyen Resin DPM and Vapour Barrier is the ideal solution when concrete floors have been compromised by damp ingress.
  • Hydrostatic Water Pressure is created my standing water below ground on the external side of a basement structure. This can build up and the water can eject under pressure into the structure via small cracks and gaps in the construction material.
  • In severe cases where water is penetrating through the masonry Waterstop Powder will plug leaks in seconds either as a dried powder or mixed with water to form a plug. Also used as part of the Heyen Tanking System.
  • Heyen Render Additive is an all purpose waterproofer which is added to sand and cement renders. By adding Heyen Render Additive ensures hygroscopic salts are prevented from moving to the surface of the plaster after particularly the insertion of a injected chemical DPC.
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