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Heyen Epoxy Resin DPM Damp-proof Membrane

Heyen Epoxy Resin DPM and Vapour Barrier is a solvent free, transparent epoxy resin coating.  It may be applied on highly alkaline mineral based substrates and it adheres to damp concrete.  It slows the evaporation process of the water in “green” concrete.
Apply by brush, roller or spray.
Item Number: 1267
Weight: 10kg
£168.00  In Stock
Areas of application:
Heyen Epoxy Resin DPM Vapour Barrier has many uses, some of these include:
  • As a membrane to prevent rising damp in floors
  • As a hardwearing epoxy finish industrial and domestic floors
  • A vapour barrier for walls and floors after the installation of a Heyen Super Slurry Tanking System
  • Light Industrial factory to give resistance to foot and light vehicular traffic
  • Sealing of bund walls
  • Apply to feature walls that need to be in view
  • As a sealing coat for surfaces containing asbestos
  • Newly layed concrete floors where speed is required to lay wood or tiled floors
  • Application on floors where other paints or coatings will not adhere
A (7.5)kg + B (2.5)kg =10kg Steel can.
Working time:
20 mins (inclusive of mixing) at 20 degrees C.
Coverage Rate:
300-500 g/m2 depending on the substrate.
Resistant to foot traffic after 12 hours.
12 months
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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