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Rising Damp

Rising damp is caused by ground water rising up through the structure of the building into the walls by capillary action, because most construction materials contain tiny pores which suck up water from the ground. This can lead to signs of dampness internally leading to peeling paint and wallpaper, decayed skirting boards, stained and crumbling plaster work and salt deposits on the wall. Treatment should be carried out 300mm past the last signs of damp. Heyen injected damp proof course is a system; the injection process controls the damp, the replastering prevents future effects of spoiling and the two processes are inseparable so it complies with BS 6576.
Heyen Injection cream is specifically designed for the treatment of rising damp by applying an effective horizontal barrier prevents the moisture rising up through these pores.  
  • Injection Cream 1 Litre Cartridges used to create a damp proof course for the treatment of rising damp.
  • Injection Cream Gun with metal extension Pro Injection Nozzle which makes it long lasting and hard wearing. It is used to install Heyen Injection Cream to create a damp proof course to treat rising damp.
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