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Heyen Structural Water Proofing & Damp Proofing Render-Additive

Heyen Render-Additive has been developed as a waterproofing and fungicidal additive for sand and cement backing coats after damp-proof course injection. It will prevent the movement of hygroscopic salts to the surface plaster and showing a secondary dampness. Heyen Render additive improves the workability of the mix and after curing imparts water repellancy and salt resistance.
Item Number: 986
Weight: 5kg
£16.74  In Stock
  • Quality Concentrate Formulation
  • Improves the workability of the mix
  • Suitable for use in renders and mortars
  • Internal and external use
  • Economical use and ideal for installation after DPC Injection
  • Prevents the movement of salt causing secondary dampness
  • Ideal for post damp course installation
  • Fungicial and salt inhibitor
5 Litre & 25 Litre Container.
Application and Dilution rate:
Masonry joints should be raked out and all surfaces thoroughly cleaned to remove dust or other friable material. All trace of previous gypsum plaster must be removed. Any organic matter (including timber fixings) must be removed.
Heyen Render additive diluted to a ratio of 1 Litre to 24 Litres of clean water should then be used as a gauging liquid which should be added to the first 10-12mm coat of cement mortar only when applying to internal walls only affected by damp. Subsequent coats do not need the addition of Heyen Render Additive. The mixing ratio should be no less than 3 parts by volume of sharp washed sand to 1 part of cement.
12 months undiluted.
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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