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Heyen Structural Water Proofing & Damp Proofing Waterstop 2

When in contact with water, HEYEN Waterstop 2 (supplied as a powder) stops the flow of water within seconds.
Recommended Use:
Heyen Waterstop 2 is used for fast and long lasting sealing of water leaks in concrete, brick work, masonry and many other stone structures. Typical use is in basements, foundations, masonry, tunnels, dams, manholes, underground car parks, concrete pipes, bunkers and all areas in which sealing from outside is not possible.
Item Number: 5kgwstop2
Weight: 5kg
£46.20  In Stock
Weight:  15kg  In Stock
  • Superfast curing within 1 minute
  • Ideal for plugging leaks in underground structures
An accelerated cement-based plugging mortar which acts as a catalyst, reacting with water and hardening in seconds.
If hydrostatic water pressure is experienced use Heyen Waterstop as a dried powder or mix with water to form a plug, hold onto the pressurised water leak until the powder becomes warm and the leak is stopped.
5kg or 15kg bucket.
Heyen Waterstop SDS
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