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Heyen Anti-Mould Anti-Condensation Scrub Out

Provides an exceptional combination of biocidal and mechanical cleaning.
Recommended Use:
Ideal for preparing difficult surfaces such as window frames prior to painting as well as the general cleaning of tiled and associated areas.
Item Number: 12345
Weight: 0.25kg
£14.29   In Stock
A ready-to-use Anti-Mould fungicidal cleaner and surface biocide in a novel bottle brush. For domestic and commercial use against mould fungi, mildew and algae on internal surfaces such as masonry, tiles, wood and painted surfaces.
Heyen's Scrub Out Mould Growth is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 for use as directed (HSE No.7550)
Brush applicator on bottle
10-12m2/litre when diluted depending on porosity of surface.
250ml bottle with integral brush head.
Heyen Scrub Out Mould Growth TDS
Heyen Scrub Out Mould Growth SDS
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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