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Heyen Concrete Waterproofing Aqua Seal Waterbar

A preformed waterstop bar in a ready to use roll which swells up to 700% when in contact with water.
Item Number: jhhkidssdss
Weight: 1.5kg
£56.59   In Stock
When the water bar is encapsulated by poured concrete it seals against hydrostatic water pressure and stops water from leaking into the structure. Heyen Waterbar returns to its original size when the concrete substrate is completely dry but expands when, water is re-introduced and seals any leaking joints. It can also be used for service entries in precast concrete.  Heyen Waterbar is designed so that it will activate 48 hours after complete exposure to hydrostatic water pressure and will withstand up to 40 metres head of water.
  • Provides a durable watertight seal
  • Cost effective solution
  • Can be used to repair various pipe and ducts materials
Heyen Aqua Seal Waterbar is used in conjunction with Heyen Expanding Sealant to seal in-situ concrete joints.
20mm x 25mm
5 Rolls x 5 metre Lengths
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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