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Isola Platon Cavity Drain Membrane Clear Membrane

Isola Platon Cavity Drain Clear Membrane
Item Number: 7675
Weight: 8kg
£235.20   In Stock
Isola Platon Cavity Drain Clear Membrane is a semi transparant studded membrane and is manufactured in polyproperlene and is designed for use where the walls and floors are contaminated. Cavity Drain Membrane Clear is applied to walls and barrel vaulted ceilings by special sealing plugs which are fitted to a pre drilled hole to provide a watertight seal for above and below ground structures.
The Membrane is suitable for sand and cement renders, Heyen Renovating Plaster or fixed directly with plasterboard via the Dot and Dab method.
Features and Benefits
  • Easy to cut and seal
  • Impermeable to water, gas and water vapour
  • The unique design stud makes it easy to apply plaster finish
Measurement Size 2.07 x 20 Metres
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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