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Isola Platon Cavity Drain Membrane Double Drain Membrane

Isola Platon CDM Double Drain Membrane
Item Number: 989
£236.54   In Stock
A Membrane System applied to external walls of a underground structure which protects underlying water proofing from back fill damage.
Heyen CDM Double Drain Membrane is fixed vertically or horizontally. It is applied over Heyen Super Slurry. It is fixed at the top edge with X Cramps at 250mm centres. Overlap any vertical joints by 500mm or horizontal joints by 150mm. Fix top edge moulding across the top to ensure backfill doesn't block the drainage channel.
Measurement 2.0 x 15 Metres
Drainage Capacity 2.3 Litres per Minute
Stud Size 8mm
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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