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Isola Platon Cavity Drain Meshed Membrane

Isola Platon CDM Meshed Membrane for internal use above or below ground with integrated meshed layer for direct plastering.
Item Number: 8797
Weight: 8kg
£303.79   In Stock
Isola Platon CDM Meshed Membrane is a double layered Cavity Drain Membrane incorporating a studded meshed layer which forms a key for most plasters and renders. Plasterboard can be fixed directly to the membrane using the dot and dab method.  Heyen CDM Meshed Membrane can be fixed to internal walls without the need for extensive hacking off or preparation.
Measurement Size 2.0 x 20 Metres
Stud Size 8mm
Air Volume Gap 5.5 Litres Per M2
Drainage Capacity 4.0 Litres Per M2
Approximate Life Expectancy 50 years
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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