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Isola Platon Cavity Drain Membrane Double Sealing Rope

Isola Platon CDM Double Sealing Rope is a rubber based beaded sealing strip and is part of the Heyen Cavity Drain Membrane.
Item Number: 674392
Weight: 3kg
£13.37   In Stock
Preparation and Application:
The surfaces must be free of any grease, dust, frost and must be dry. Apply direct from the roll and press firmly along the length of the rope to ensure good adhesion. Peel back the paper strip and offer the other side of the membrane to the the sealing rope and press firmly to ensure a good sealed joint. If using as a sealing collar around Heyen CDM Plaster fixing plugs, cut the Rope to length, remove backing paper and wrap around plug shank against fixing head prior to installing the Plaster fixing plug.
Measurement Length:
5 Metres supplied on a Roll
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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