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Heyen Bitumen Thick Coating

A stable, ready-to-use, highly elastic bitumen which bridges cracks, is water resistant, stable in hot and cold temperatures non-ageing and resistant against naturally occurring agents (e.g. salts, liquid manure).
Recommended Use:
Any concrete, aerated concrete, plaster or masonry which requires secure and long lasting sealing of earth-contacting surfaces against ground moisture and externally pressurised water. Waterproofing to vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces.
Item Number: 7890
Weight: 30kg
£110.40   In Stock
A two component, solvent-free and fibre-armed latex thick bitumen emulsion which forms an elastic seamless waterproofing barrier.
  • The fibre component allows fast drying
  • Highly flexible and crack bridging
  • Trowel-able Consistency
  • Solvent-free thus enviromentally friendly
Trowel-applied or sprayed onto structurally sound substrates
Preparation & Application:
The substrate must be frost free, dry and free of any contamination (eg dust demoulding agents and free from surface pockets, gaping cracks or ridges. Slightly damp or moist surfaces are tolerable.  Used on temporary pressing water up to a maximum foundation depth of 3 metres below ground level.  Pour the B component (fibres) into A component (Bitumen Emulsion) and using a plastering paddle mix slowly until a Thick consistency.  Apply the thick coating in two coats using a tiling trowel to apply the first coat so the correct thickness is acheived then apply the second coat using a plastering trowel to cover the ridges already formed.
Up to 6 m2 from a 30kg canister
Heyen Thick Coating 2C TDS
Alternative Product:
Heyen Brush Coating
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