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Heyen Bitumen Brush Coating

A stable, ready-to-use, highly elastic bitumen which bridges cracks, is water resistant, stable in hot and cold temperatures non-ageing and resistant against naturally occurring agents (e.g. salts, liquid manure).
Recommended Use:
Any concrete, aerated concrete, plaster or masonry which requires secure and long lasting sealing of earth-contacting surfaces against ground moisture and externally pressurised water.
Item Number: 1536
Weight: 25kg
£90.40   In Stock
  • Ready to use and easy application
  • Cost effective solution
  • Provides a seemless waterproofing seal
  • Provides additional protection to concrete
A one component, solvent- and filler-free rubber bitumen emulsion. It has good bonding properties and due to its thixropic features it does not run off vertical surfaces.
The surface has to be solid and free of oil and grease dust and any separating layers. HEYEN Brush coating can be applied on slightly humid surfaces/wet areas but puddles of water have to be removed. We recommend a priming coat on roof membranes prior to using HEYEN Brush Coating.
Can be painted, rolled or sprayed onto structurally sound substrates
Approximately 6 m2 from a 25kg canister
Heyen Brush Coating TDS
Heyen Brush Coating SDS
Heyen Thick Coating
For more information and technical assistance, please call 07801 927519
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