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Heyen Dual Purpose Timber Preservation Fungicidal Insecticide

A dual purpose fungicidal insecticide is a timber treatment and wood preservative.
Item Number: 2453535
Weight: 1kg
£57.80   In Stock
Heyen Dual Purpose Fungicidal Insecticide has been formulated for the eradication of the common furniture beetle and other wood boring beetles and timber decay. A wood preservative for professional use against wood rotting, fungi and wood destroying insects.
  • Concentrated Fungicidal Insecticide
  • Highly effective against Dry Rot and Wet Rot attack
  • Treatment against wood boring insect attack
  • Ideal where re-entry is required after a short space of time
Application Method and Rate:
Dilute 1 Litre of product with 24 Litres of water and spray apply at a rate of 1 Litre of diluted product to 3 square metres of timber surface.
Heyen Dual Purpose Fungicidal Insecticide TDS
Heyen Dual Purpose Fungicidal Insecticide SDS
1 Litre
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