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Heyen Masonry Flood Remediation Sterilising Wash

Heyen Masonry Sterillising Wash is a concentrated salt degreasing agent ideal for after flood sterillisation and is part of the remediation program. It can be used to remove algae growths from brickwork, stone, masonry, tiles and other building materials and is a sterilising solution before applying protective coatings (e.g. Heyen Facade Inpregnation or Heyen Masonry Cream.
Item Number: 567654
Weight: 5kg
£22.54   In Stock
A sterillising solution prior to the application of protective coatings. Where wood rotting fungal attack is to be treated, clean the surace with Heyen Sterillising Wash, then apply Heyen Timber Treatment products for long lasting protection. Its a surface biocide for the control of moss, lichen, algae on all hard surfaces such as plaster, brickwork, stone, render, drives, patio's, walkways, roof tiles and on other building materials.
Dilute 1 part of concentrate with 2 parts of clean water and then apply by brush or low volumne spray. (Working well into the growth to be removed) Vigorous growths should be left for 24 hours before scrubbing with a stiff brush.
By brush 5-9m2 per litre of diluted product
By Spray 4-6m2 per litre of diluted product
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